As tech giants like Apple and Google move away from third-party cookies used for precise audience targeting, ad platforms feel the pressure to find new sources of real-time data.

CTX simplifies the process for ad platforms to incorporate AI and location-based contextual data and make more effective targeting decisions, while maintaining high privacy standards.

Demand Side Platforms (DSP)
Implement a flexible, white-label AI solution and improve performance while maintaining high standards in terms of data privacy and governance.
Independent media networks
Digital OOH ad networks and self-service ad platforms can leverage CTX to offer clients better ad targeting solutions.
Ad-supported digital products
Enhance your monetization efforts within an application or on a website by offering more relevant targeting to advertisers.
CTX is a world-class AI and location intelligence solution developed in collaboration with Concordia University's Applied AI Institute
Over 100 contextual variables in real time
Compatible with all ad platforms and media channels
Flexible white-label options
CTX helps you show the best product at the best location at the best time.
Quickly access a privacy-first AI targeting solution
Reach the most relevant audiences
Enhance ad performance
CTX is developed by Urbanoid, a forward-thinking R&D company dedicated to revolutionizing the potential of location intelligence in communication, gaming and advertising. Urbanoid’s team sees enormous potential in harnessing the power of data to drive innovation in media to create new user experiences and support the development of new business models.
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