Urbanoid develops Location Intelligence solutions for communication, gaming and advertising platforms.


An AI-driven solution that enables advertisers to target their ads more effectively using hyperlocal contextual variables in real time.


An AI-driven, location-based platform designed to connect mixed-reality applications within a unified environment. Powering R&D projects such as x-ode, Urban Orbiter and Follow the Rabbit.
Our core group of executives combine decades of experience in Media Innovation, Geographic Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence.
Pascal Maeder, CEO
Urbanoid founder
Former head of Atopia
25 years of experience in media innovation
Co-inventor on 2 Urbanoid patents
Akinlolu Ojo, Machine Learning Engineer
PhD candidate specializing in Machine Learning
Co-inventor on CTX patent

Leonid Reinoso, CTO
Masters in Cybernetics from the University of Havana
20 years of large-scale systems development experience
Specializing in mapping & pattern recognition software
Co-inventor on 2 Urbanoid patents
Hafsa Ennajari, AI Advisor
PhD specializing in Machine Learning & in-Network Aggregation Algorithms
Co-inventor on 2 Urbanoid patents
Urbanoid is bolstered by a team of experienced developers and further supported through collaborative research projects with Concordia University's Applied AI Institute.
For media inquiries, partnerships, investor relations, or to request additional information, please contact us at contact@urbanoid.com